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What is Fax to Email?

When you sign up for Cleartone Fax to Email Service you will be able to receive your faxes as a PDF via email. This avoids the hassle and setbacks which are typically associated with the traditional fax machine.

How will fax to email benefit my business?

Speed and efficiency – you will not require a fax machine or any extra hardware or software and will be able to receive your faxes remotely wherever you are.

Can I use my existing fax number?

Yes. Simply port your current 01/02, 03 or 08 number to our network. Please complete the form on this page to receive a call back to find out about our fax to email service.

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Our customers love this feature because it helps improve their work/life balance AND it offers the flexibility and control they need in their business.

Fax to Email Benefits


Receive your faxes instantly via email wherever you are.

Reduce Cost

Reduce cost on maintenance, ink, paper and space.


Receive faxes as a PDF by email for you to save as you require.

Fax to Email Frequently Asked Questions

Would I require a physical fax machine?2021-04-06T11:03:04+00:00

No. You will receive all your faxes as a PDF file via email.

Can I use my existing fax number?2021-04-06T10:47:19+00:00

Yes. Cleartone understands for some of our customers, fax services still form a critical part of their business.

You can simply port your existing number fax number to Cleartone. To find out more, please contact us or call us on 0800-0016-222.

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