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WhatsApp Business

Whilst you may use WhatsApp to connect with your friends and interests, a growing number of forward-thinking businesses are using WhatsApp to communicate directly with their customers through “WhatsApp Business”. You can use your Cleartone number for WhatsApp Business, which is separate from your personal WhatsApp app. As part of our service, you can easily integrating WhatsApp Business as a new channel into your service offering.

What is WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp Business is a separate app, available from Google Play and the App store, and it is free to download. It was built specifically with the small owner in mind. This app allows business owners to connect directly with customers, allowing you to highlight promotions, products and services.

This tool offers the customer a direct line to your business, and allows your business to answer their questions directly whilst they purchase from you, improving the customer experience. Other clever tools allow you to create catalogues to showcase your products and services as well as the option to automate responses and to quickly and efficiently respond to messages.

How do I setup WhatsApp Business?

Download WhatsApp Business from Google Play or the App store.

Open the app and proceed to first screen

If you have WhatsApp on your phone already, select “Use a different number”

Enter your Cleartone number

WhatsApp will tell you they are sending you a text message, but they will also call you and read you the activation (or verification) code you need to input.

If this does not happen, select “Call Me”

Have a pen and paper ready, listen to the code then hang-up and input code into phone

Follow the rest of the options on screen to personalise it.

And there you have it, you are ready to WhatsApp message FROM your Cleartone Business number!

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Our customers love this feature because it helps improve their work/life balance AND it offers the flexibility and control they need in their business.

Business WhatsApp Benefits

Extra Communication Channel

Utilise this huge channel to allow your customers to connect to you more easily.

Automate Responses

Automate your responses, allowing you to instantly respond to customer messages.


Build more trust with your customer through the WhatsApp Business profile.

Business WhatsApp Frequently Asked Questions

Can I block someone on WhatsApp Business?2021-04-04T17:25:55+00:00

Yes. You can block any nuisance number – find out more here.

Can I setup a WhatsApp Business profile for my Business?2021-04-05T12:07:25+00:00

Yes, using your new Cleartone number you can install a second (separate) WhatsApp Business app on your mobile phone (accessible via PC/Mac also).

Here you will be able speak directly with your customers or deal with enquiries using your Cleartone number (NOT showing anyone your private mobile number).

As well as this, on WhatsApp Business you will be able to list your company information including your business address, email and website – whilst at all times communicating only using your Cleartone number, and keeping your private mobile for family, friends and trusted customers.

To find out more and how to sign up – find out more here.

How much does it cost to use my Cleartone number for WhatsApp for Business?2021-04-05T12:10:05+00:00

Cleartone don’t charge, and you don’t pay to download WhatsApp Business. Many small businesses use WhatsApp Business without ever paying. At the time of writing, only when you want to integrate with WhatsApp’s API do you pay per message sent.

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