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What is an Email Notification?

These are emails informing Cleartone customers that they have received a voicemail, missed a phone call or a recording instantly. These can also be accessed and viewed online via your Cleartone Online Dashboard. Any event on your Cleartone number will trigger an email with more information to ensure you do not miss valuable information. Our customers tell us this is one of the most valued features of our service

How do I receive Email Notifications?

When we set up your service, we will confirm these details.

Can I customise Email Notifications?

Yes. Just jump online and make all changes, that will instantly work as per your requirements.

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Email Notification Benefits


Access all these notifications online, without needing to be near your phone.


Know if you have missed a call or received a voicemail and action immediately.


Download call recordings for future reference

Email Notifications Frequently Asked Questions

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