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What is Hunt Group?

A Hunt Group is a feature that is included with all our virtual numbers that allows you to distribute your incoming calls to either a single number or multiple numbers. For example, when someone calls your virtual business number, it can ring on either one number or up to 4 numbers at once – also known as simultaneous ringing.

For the one-person Company

Not sure if you will be at home or out-and-about? Have calls ringing to both your landline and mobile simultaneously. Answer wherever you are.

For the two or more-person Company

If you have a Company of more than one person, you can have calls ringing on up to 4 mobile or landlines at the same time. Whoever answers first takes the call. If there are 2 of you, calls can ring to both persons mobiles and 2 landlines, ensuring you never miss a call.

There are two options when setting up your Hunt Group.

Hunt Option

This option allows call to be forwarded to your Cleartone virtual number to up to 4 mobile or landline at the same time.

Trip Option

This option would allow you to forward your Cleartone virtual number to one number at a time. For example, the number can ring one mobile first and if the person doesn’t answer it can ring the second number (again up to 4 numbers can be added to this service).

Do I have to pay for a Hunt Group?

No, it’s included as standard in the Cleartone service.

Can I customise Hunt Group?

Yes. On your online dashboard, you can add, remove or change the 4 numbers where the calls ring.

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Our customers love this feature because it helps improve their work/life balance AND it offers the flexibility and control they need in their business.

Hunt Group Benefits

Increase Conversions

Never miss a business call or opportunity again.

Key People

It makes sure the key people in the business can be there to answer calls.


Let your customer communications fit into your schedule.

Hunt Group. Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a Hunt Group?2021-04-04T17:22:23+00:00

A “hunt group” is a feature which means your business calls will ring on more than one number at the same time – or when the first destination number is busy, calls will forward to another number. Users can input a “group” of phone numbers to which they would like their business calls to ring

How many numbers can I forward my Virtual Business landline number to?2021-04-06T10:37:40+00:00

By logging in on your Cleartone Online Dashboard here and selecting “Number Routing”. Here you can forward your Virtual Business landline calls to up to 4 landline or mobile phone numbers at the same time – or when the primary number is busy, business calls will ring on any other numbers you input. If you would like to forward calls to more than 4 different numbers, please contact us or your Account Manager.

How can I manage my Hunt Group routing plan?2021-04-06T10:41:33+00:00

By logging into your Cleartone Online Dashboard here . Once logged in, select the “Number Routing” option. Then select the “Outbound Call Type” as a “Hunt”, then input the other phone numbers you would like calls to ring on, then click “submit”. Any changes made will be applied instantly.

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