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What is a Business Call Whisper?

A business call whisper is a notification that helps you identify when a business call is coming through. This helps you know that you have a business and not personal call.

Upon answering a call from your Virtual Number, you will be informed by a virtual assistant that you have a business call coming through and to press 1 on your telephone keypad to accept the call.

Please note, the business call whisper is only played to the person answering – and not to the caller. This is at the same time that your caller is hearing your company’s welcome message that has been recorded for you.

Do I have to pay for the Business Call Whisper?

No. We know the Call Whisper feature is essential when it comes to differentiating between your personal and business call. Therefore, we include this feature as well as many more to ensure you can manage your business calls 24/7.

Can I customise the Business Call Whisper?

Yes. The standard call whisper would say “You have a business call, please press 1 to accept the call or 2 to send the caller to your business voicemail”. However, if you have multiple virtual numbers linked to the same phone, we can customise the call whisper, so you know which number is being called.

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Our customers love this feature because it helps improve their work/life balance AND it offers the flexibility and control they need in their business.

Main Welcome Greeting Benefits

Identify Business Calls

You will be alerted each time a business call comes through so that you can separate your personal and business calls from each other.

Answer Calls Professionally

As you will know it is a business call, you can adjust your situation to stop any unwanted background noise, then answer professionally, in your company name.

Bespoke Call Whisper

Identify where the call is coming from with our bespoke Call Whisper. For example, “You have a call from your Yellow Pages Advert”

Call Whisper – Frequently Asked Questions.

What will the caller hear when I answer the phone?2021-02-01T20:42:19+00:00

The caller will hear your Welcome Greeting, followed by a ringing tone.

Can I bespoke the Call Whisper message?2021-04-07T17:41:48+00:00

Yes. We can customise the message as required. Therefore, if you have multiple number forwarding to the same landline or mobile, we can customise the whisper to let you know which number has been called. For example, “You have a business call for your plumbing business” or “You have a business call for your construction company”.

Can the Call Whisper be disabled?2021-02-01T20:45:11+00:00

Yes. If you do not require the call whisper it can be disabled at any time through your Cleartone Online Dashboard.

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