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Some of our call features explained

by David Jones | 2019-05-26 10:38:12

Welcome Prompt

Choose to play a customised welcome announcement to your callers. “thank you for calling (company name)”

Business Call Whisper

An alert to let you know each time a business call comes through

Dedicated Voicemail

A personalised voicemail message for your business number in order that your callers don’t hear your private mobile or landline voicemail which is usually unprofessional

Missed Call & Voicemail to Email

Receive an email notification each time you miss a call or when a caller leaves you a voicemail message.

Call Recording

Call recording is mainly used for quality and training purposes and to improve your customer service quality

Hunt Group

Divert your business number to multiple numbers simultaneously or when there is no answer

Time of Day Routing

Control where your calls are being routed to during and outside office hours ensuring you don’t miss a call

Online Control Panel

Manage your number and make all your crucial changes 24/7 in real time.

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