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Porting your current number to Cleartone

Have you had enough of your phone number provider and their lack of customer service? Porting your Numbers to Cleartone has never been easier. Get cutting edge technology and 5-star customer service with Cleartone.

What is Porting?

Porting is the transfer of a phone number between two service providers. Every Telecoms network provider in the UK is obliged to let their customers move to another provider and take their phone number with them. If you have an existing number you would like to keep, you can initiate a port request and assign it to Cleartone

How do I port my number to Cleartone?

It is really simple! Give us:

  • The details of your current provider
  • Your Name and Address as shown on the most recent bill
  • Your Account Number with them
  • The phone number to be ported
  • Would you like further information about how Virtual Numbers can work for you, your lifestyle and your business?

    Request a call back from one of our sales team.

Our customers love this feature because it helps improve their work/life balance AND it offers the flexibility and control they need in their business.

Cleartone Porting Benefits


Helps keep your business number under your control.

Quality of Service

Allows you to move your business to a company who is more reliable and offers a better service.


You’re likely to save money moving to Cleartone!

Cleartone Porting Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the Welcome Greeting?2021-02-01T15:21:29+00:00

A: Yes. You can change the welcome greeting whenever you require though the online dashboard 24/7.

Do you offer a professional voiceover service?2021-02-01T15:21:52+00:00

Yes. Cleartone Communication have a professional inhouse voiceover artist and studio for all your voiceover needs and to ensure a professional first impression. To find out more, please call our office on 0207-101-4040.

Can I have a Virtual Switchboard with options instead of Welcome Greeting?2021-02-02T12:40:36+00:00

Yes. You can have a virtual switchboard on any our numbers. Simply selected the virtual switchboard when ordering you number and we will contact you to configure it.

Can I add music to my Welcome Greeting?2021-02-02T12:50:52+00:00

Yes. You can add music to your Welcome Greeting at anytime – so simply call call our office to find out more.

Can I disable the Welcome Greeting?2021-02-02T12:54:39+00:00

Yes. You can disable the Welcome Greeting at anytime through your Cleartone Online Dashboard. If you require any assistance, please call us and a member of staff can assist you.

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