Live Call Answering

  • Check Never miss another call or business opportunity
  • Check Professional Staff for the frontline of your business
  • Check Save money. Cost effective way of employing experienced PA's
  • Check Peace of mind for you and your business

Flexible Telephone Answering Service

Have all your calls answered within 3 rings by our call centre staff with our telephone answering service! Our staff are friendly, intelligent who go beyond the call of duty to assist your callers. You have the option to use this service for all incoming calls or only unanswered calls.

  • Dedicated Number



  • Personalised Receptionist



  • E-mail Delivery

    E-mail Delivery


  • Sales Call / Wrong Number

    Sales Call /

    Wrong Number

  • Account Statement



  • SMS Delivery

    SMS Delivery


  • No Contract

    No Contract


  • UK Based

    UK Based


Remould your business into something extraordinary


Increase professionalism and credibility

Success is key and with Cleartone Communications we can help you achieve this goal. Appear as a professional as possible with one of our wide range of business numbers

Get maximum control of your calls

Know when a business call is coming through, know when you miss a business call, hear call recordings and choose when and where calls ring to - as well as where voicemails and missed calls are sent by email

Portable number

All our numbers will stay with you for life. Take the number wherever you go, whether you move office, home or even country you can change where this number is forwarded to – and it will always alert you that a business call is coming through

Join the 50,000 businesses using Cleartone Communications

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  • B Social UK
  • Creative Parking Solutions
  • Phone and Pay
  • Brampton Real Estates

Pay as you go

Pay as you go Low Call Volume Low Call Volume

Cleartone 25

Cleartone 25 Includes 25 Calls Includes 25 Calls

Cleartone 50

Cleartone 50 Includes 50 Calls Includes 50 Calls Most Popular!

Cleartone 100

Cleartone 100 Includes 100 Calls Includes 100 Calls
Per Month
N/A £25.00 £42.00 £48.00
Setup (One Off Fee)
N/A £25.00 £42.00 £48.00
Dedicated Number
Check Check Check Check
Personal Receptionist
Check Check Check Check
Email Delivery
Check Check Check Check
Sales calls / Wrong numbers
Check Check Check Check
Personalised Voicemail to email
Check Check Check Check
Account Statement
Check Check Check Check
SMS Delivery
10p per SMS 10p per
10p per SMS 10p per
10p per SMS 10p per
10p per SMS 10p per
Cost per additional call
£1.25 £1.10 £1.25 £1.10

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