Why You Need a Virtual Number

Whilst the internet has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other, the telephone is still absolutely essential for communicating between you and your clients.

Firstly, what is a virtual number? 

A virtual number is a telephone number that is not directly linked to a telephone line.

The digitisation of communication is quickly replacing older hardware such as desk phones, wires and all the typical facilities that were once required to serve a business-oriented phone system.

Whether you are starting off small or more established, many businesses start off by giving out their private number to customers. The thing is, once it’s out there, it’s out there for good. There are people who have built up very big businesses but still have their mobile numbers online available for everyone to see.

The benefit of having a business number is that you can better organise your calls between your work life and your private life. You are not going to suddenly disappear if you switch your mobile off, because you will have a business number on hand. Your private number can be reserved for your family and friends, and perhaps even certain trusted customers once you’ve got yourself up and running. It also means that in the case that you move home or office, you can pick it up and take it with you. Plus, it looks a lot more professional than a standard mobile number.

Our services

The whole idea is that it makes you more flexible. With Cleartone, there is a whole range of technical aspects to the number that can make your life easier. Our service can alert you which company you are being called from before the call comes through. This is based on the number that is being called and ideally, all calls will go straight through to your mobile number. You could even dial out that number on your private mobile phone through an app. If, for example, you get an 0800, 161, 121, or 0208 number, you could dial out through that number, meaning that you also maintain an element of privacy. We also record all business calls, and any missed calls or callers on call will be sent an email. When you are on the go, out of network service, or in a meeting you will have records of it in your voicemail that you can come back to later.

For a lot of people that want to operate within the UK, Amazon requires them to have a UK mobile phone number. This is necessary for two-factor authentication. A six-digit code will be sent through SMS to that mobile number. For people who are not based in the UK however, that is not very cost-effective. Instead, we can provide you with your very own virtual mobile. A virtual mobile number will enable you to operate within the UK with Amazon, eBay and other marketplace sellers. You will be able to receive calls and SMS on it and will be able to operate totally as normal.

We can supply you with a UK address, or even answer the calls for you virtually. Our strategy involves putting ourselves into our customer’s shoes and gaining their perspective on what demands need to be met. Research shows that customers like the credibility of a company that is based in the UK. Products are believed to have much better-quality customer service, and overall, you are deemed more reputable if you have a presence in the UK. We are able to facilitate that for all Amazonians.

If you mainly use Whatsapp to talk to your clients, we can provide you with a WhatsApp business number to communicate with your customers. We all use WhatsApp among family and friends, but it is proving to be an especially powerful tool in business. Through WhatsApp, you can advertise your different products, promotions and communicate with customers directly on their phones. You can do all of this without needing to give out your private and personal details.

Some might worry that this might be too unnecessarily complex as opposed to just having two separate phones for business and private life respectively. With our service, the numbers you have will appear as two totally separate apps: one for WhatsApp and one for WhatsApp business. They will also appear as separate icons that are similar but can be easily differentiated from each other.

The WhatsApp business number is a standalone channel purely to communicate with your customers on an app that they are comfortable with. If you are still worried that there will be any technical difficulty to overcome, we have an instant messenger on our website where you can contact us. There is absolutely no need for possessing two phones when we can converge your numbers to one phone, with the benefit of keeping business and private communication separate.

There is no need to buy new hardware to install or service, and it can even be set up on top of personal mobile phones. Whether it is calling out from your number, calling from your number, or communicating through Whatsapp: we can provide you with a mobile number with which you can do all of these things on a single phone. We ultimately aim to help make your business more streamlined, flexible and more personalised to your customers.

With over 25 years of experience, we ensure our products are wholly compatible, relevant and effective for whichever market we operate in. Be it with government bodies, high street retailers, or simply new businesses or small to medium enterprise – we provide. Our services exist to help businesses raise their profile by providing innovative communication with the plus of presenting a professional image.

By using our services, let your customers feel they are dealing with an established, professionally run, successful company.

Need your own?

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If you want to learn more about the regulations concerning virtual numbers in the UK follow the link.