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What is a Virtual Landline

by David Jones | 2019-05-26 10:40:55

What is a Virtual Landline?

A Virtual Landline is a cloud-based telephone number that allows you to recieve your incoming calls on your existing landline number or mobile (such as your landline or mobile number).

You can choose between a UK Local (Geographical) or National Virtual Number.

Example of Local Virtual Numbers:

  • 0207 London Number
  • 0203 London Number
  • 0161 Manchester Virtual Number

Example of National Virtual Numbers:

  • 0800 Freephone Number
  • 0333 Number

What is a Virtual Number?

A virtual telephone number is a number that is not physically linked to your landline. Calls to your virtual numbers, can be diverted to any landline or mobile number and can be changed 24/7 via your online web-portal. Your virtual number can also ring on several numbers at once.

If you would like to find out more about purchasing a virtual number for your company, please give us a call on 02071014045 or 08000016222.

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