As a business owner, you need to change the way you communicate with your customers. Communicating to win is the only way forward. The truth is communication can either kill or make a business grow. In fact, communication is incredibly important for us as people – not just for the fate of a business.

If you’re a start-up business or are starting a new role under management, the way you’re going to communicate with your colleagues from here on out is crucial. You need to know your method as a leader.

Communicate with your prospects

When people are selling a product, they often do a lot of “telling” and show a lot of interest in their own product, when in fact, to communicate a product effectively, the key is to show a lot of interest in your prospects as a business and your prospects in that very moment.

The real elephant in the room in business is the language that we use. All of us want to communicate effectively, but using the correct language is a huge part of that.

For example, many companies will apologise when it isn’t at all necessary. You may be calling a company and be on hold, and they eventually answer with “sorry to keep you waiting”. This instantly generates a negative image and ultimately has a negative impact on the customer’s perception of the company. An alternative response could be “thank you for waiting”, creating both a positive, polite image whilst also thanking the customer for their patience.

Be direct

Although we will have to have business-like conversations with our customers, these interactions shouldn’t be treated as a “tick box” exercise. You want to be personable, but also direct. Use language that encourages action. Don’t use phrasing like “I hope we can do that” or “I think we can do that”. Don’t be vague with your intentions to your customer. Instead, say “I’m sure we can do that” or “I trust we can do that”.


You need to be able to instil trust in your customers. Using phrases like “free of charge” for a service or assessment can be inviting, but when used too often can come across in the wrong way. Continually offering a service that’s free of charge fails to put any value on it. Your customers will trust you more if you are upfront with your fees and will be more willing to pay for them if you are open and honest.

Question everything

Children tend to question everything and often give us a masterclass in communication. This should be the same for you and your business. Question what will work for your business, what demographics you should be targeting, and how you’re going to win sales.

Another example of poor communication in business is offering a product to a potential customer with phrases like “would you be interested in this product?” or “would you like to go ahead with our product?”. This kind of closed questioning can only provide you with a simple “yes” or “no”, whereas if you offer your product by asking “do you know we have a product that achieves this?” or “can I ask you how often you use products like this?”. Open questioning that invites a longer response is a far more intuitive way of communicating whilst also obtaining you unique, valuable insights into what customers want and how you may be able to sell them your product successfully.

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