Not sure how Business Numbers work?


Business Numbers can come in handy – but can often be difficult to wrap your head around how they actually work.

Here is the full low/down, from the moment your Cleartone number is dialled – up to the time the call is completed:

Once your customer has phoned your professional business number, the call routes through the caller’s network (i.e. Vodafone, O2 etc), onto the Cleartone network and then hits our servers.

Our servers then check what services should apply to the call (for example – call recording, a virtual switchboard, call whisper, the welcome message etc) and also what phone number or numbers to send the phone call through to.

At this point, our technology will also check the settings that are applied to the number, and activate those settings for the call.


With our super-fast servers, this all happens instantly!

This includes:

  • Whether the call will be sent through to one or more than one number at the same time
  • If the call should ring on one number and then ‘trip’ to the next number and then the next number etc.

The call will then be sent to be answered on your existing landline or mobile – or if for example you have decided that the call should be sent simultaneously to 3 different numbers, whoever answers the call first will be connected and the phone numbers that don’t answer the call will no longer ring.

Once this information is applied, the call will ring on the number(s) that has been set by you, and the caller will hear a Cleartone ringtone. This sounds the same as a normal ring tone, but works differently.

It is really important to note that the ringtone is a Cleartone ringtone, not a network one. What that allows us to do is something very clever:

Once you answer the phone, the caller at this time is still hearing a Cleartone ringtone. They are not aware that the phone has been answered.

Whoever answers the call will get a recorded Cleartone message informing them that a business call is coming through. As a fantastic addition, the person who answers the phone will be offered the option to:

  • Answer the call (of course you will know it’s a business call and therefore answer the phone in the correct way), or
  • Listen to the caller leaving a message – if it is someone that you want to speak to you can intercept them whilst they leave a message and talk to them, or
  • Send the call straight through to voicemail.

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If you answer the call:

If you do choose to answer the call, the call is instantly recorded. Once the call has ended, our service checks what email address(es) are associated with the phone number and will send the recording through to that email address for you to listen to at your leisure.


If the call goes through to voicemail:

If the call goes through to voicemail the caller will only ever hear your bespoke and personalised business voicemail message to your company, never your private mobile or home voicemail message.

The instant the call goes through to your business voicemail – and whilst the caller is still leaving a message for you – our service checks what email address(es) are associated with the phone number and we will instantly send an email letting you know that you have missed a call.

Once the call leaves a message, our service checks what email address(es) are associated with the phone number and then forwards the recording of the voicemail on an email to that email address.

Once this email has been sent, the voicemail recording is then sent through and stored on your online Control Panel for you to access whenever you need to.


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