What are the benefits of using a Virtual Number?

A Virtual Phone Number for small businesses is a highly effective tool that can transform your day-to-day running of your company. It is a cloud based telephone system that takes advantage of the latest technology. This allows companies like ourselves to provide an affordable option compared to traditional office based phone system. Owning a Virtual Number takes away the hassle of always needing to be in an office, manning a physical landline and investing in expensive hardware.

They are telephone numbers not directly associated to a telephone line. Virtual numbers can be assigned to any device, whether it be a hardware desk IP phone, a mobile phone app, or a desktop soft phone app. Users can assign more than one telephone number to their phone line.

Why Does My Business Need A Virtual Number?

Your business can remove the hurdles that normally surround long distant phone calls. You can provide a local number to clients, with a local area code, to avoid any long distance charges. Overall, virtual numbers help to create a simple and professional experience for clients.


10 Benefits of a Virtual Number:

1. Separate your business calls from personal calls

2. Consistent branding for your business.

3. More incoming call features than your mobile phone number

4. No extra hardware or software required

5. Choose between a Local or Geographical Virtual Number

6. Cost Saving

7. Productivity on the Move

8. Professional Appearance

9. Number for Life

10. Never Miss a Call Again


Why Choose Cleartone for a Virtual Number?

Our system will take your calls no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

Cleartone Communications are the leading expert in Virtual Numbers. Our service gives you full control online. Manage office hours, download and analyse call data, listen to recordings and voicemails and much more.

Choosing the best suited phone number is essential for any business. It helps every company looks more professional and established. Our local and national number can be answered on any normal landline or mobile – and come with many clever features to help best manage the service for you.

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